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July saw two fatal accidents on the A1307 within one week. Esther Cornell reports on progress of the Access A1307 group
IT is nearly a year since the Access A1307 action group was formed. The first six months were spent researching facts and figures and understanding the County Council’s approach. In the latter part of the year we met with James Paice, our local MP, and with Shona Johnstone, Cabinet member for Environment and Transport and Matthew Lugg, Assistant Director, Highways Division (County Council).
The meeting with James Paice went very well. He had a good knowledge of the A1307 but was surprised at how busy it was compared with other roads in the county. He was very supportive and subsequently arranged a meeting with the County Council regarding the road. He reported back enthusiastically on the response he received at this meeting but later received a letter that back-tracked and gave no priority to the road. James Paice is in regular contact with the group and treats the matter with urgency.
The group then met the County Council at the Social Centre on 28th May. At the time of going to press we are still awaiting a response to the issues raised at this meeting but we were not over optimistic that anything major will come out of this meeting.
Below are some facts that we have established and that lead us to believe more action is necessary.
r There are no current plans for traffic lights at the top of the High Street. Last year they just missed a slot on the list for Accident Remedial and Traffic Management Schemes 2002/2003 and this year they probably won’t even make the shortlist. The reason the scheme missed out for funding is that the accident rating is not high enough. The County Council are also concerned about traffic lights causing congestion on the A1307 and also the risk of more traffic using the High Street. The High Street problem is one that we are all aware of and this needs careful consideration, but this problem should not be used as an excuse for not providing a safe access point onto or across the A1307.
There are no current plans for a roundabout at the Bartlow Road crossroads. The accident rating/priority of this junction is officially considered to be dropping as accident data are only considered over a three-year time span. Usage of this junction has lessened with many residents from Bartlow and the Camps using the Dean Road crossroads - where the number of accidents has increased.
r No major improvements for the road have been included in either the Local Transport Plan 2001-2005 or the Cambridgeshire Structure Plan. However, improvements will be made at the Granta Garage Service Station as well as the entrance to Dalehead Foods. Any scheme that reduces accidents on the A1307 is a good thing but these improvements will do nothing to solve the problems of access for village residents.
Haverhill is still growing and housing estates still being constructed. It was announced in May that building of an industrial complex employing over 4000 people would be started by the end of 2002. This can only mean that the volume of cars and heavy goods vehicles on the A1307 is set to increase further. Haverhill is the second biggest market town within 25 miles of Cambridge with over 60% of the working population travelling to Cambridge every day.
r The vehicle interval [estimated interval of time between vehicles passing] in the evening is 2.2 seconds so crossing the road by car, bicycle or on foot safely is statistically impossible!
With these facts in mind we feel that more action is necessary as we are not prepared to wait for more accidents to happen. We are looking for any ideas that will increase public awareness of our campaign and make a priority the problems that the residents of Linton and the villages around the A1307 face daily. Contact Access A1307, 23 Barley Way, Linton CB1 6YN or email


Appraisal of the Conservation Area began this spring
The Parish Plan ‘will help demonstrate how distinctive character and features can be preserved’
THE newly elected Parish Council has a variety of projects ahead which require a considerable amount of consultation in the village. So at last, here is the chance you have all been waiting for-an opportunity for you to have your say about the future of your village! Sounds good, doesn’t it, but if it’s going to happen you have to get involved. Nobody can wave a magic wand and put that roundabout on the A1307, improve traffic flow in the High Street, allow longer opening hours at the library, provide a swimming pool, bowling alley, more land for recreation, woodland walks, or many of the other facilities that have been suggested on more than one occasion. Nevertheless we can make a difference and how we can do it is set out in The Rural White Paper.
Government funding has been allocated to help communities ‘map and safeguard their most valued features and influence future development plans.’ This will be called a Parish Plan and it will ‘help all rural communities to indicate how they would like their town or village to develop, to identify key facilities and services, to set out the problems that need to be tackled and demonstrate how its distinctive character and features can be preserved.’
As you can see, there are three major aspects to this plan: past, present and future. They all need to be recorded and analysed and this must be done with widespread public participation if the resulting document is to have credibility. The Parish Council will arrange the funding for the project but the Steering Committee for this work should not comprise members of the Parish Council, so in some senses this appraisal may either condone or conflict with the existing aims of the council.
Plans for future development in the village should be included in the Parish Plan or Community Appraisal and this is bound to be one of the most controversial aspects.
Only by demonstrating that the Parish Council has encouraged widespread community involvement can it hope to gain the new Quality Parish Council status developed to strengthen the most local tier of Government. Linton Parish Council is anxious to acquire this since they believe it will enable them to make better use of your money, but you must give them the authority to do so by getting involved with the Parish Plan process.

The appraisal of the Conservation Area began this spring and this is a statutory obligation for the District Council, who will wish to work in close co-operation with the Parish Council and the wider community. It is anticipated that this study will record the valued features in the Conservation Area but there will be others of significance that lie outside this area and they will be included in the Parish Plan. The District Council have suggested the Parish Council form a small working party for initial discussions and shortly thereafter they propose to hold a public meeting to discuss their evaluations and suggestions.
So, two projects, two agendas and lots of interest required!
Judith Rossiter


ALL those TVs and videos needing attention can now be repaired following the reopening of the village electrical shop. The Tournant family welcomed customers with a glass of wine on 4th July to celebrate this long-awaited day. Many local people admired the refitted shop, which somehow looks larger - but only because the shelf for items awaiting collection was empty!
There have been many setbacks since the flooding more than nine months ago, but the family are now very happy with the refurbishment of the shop and the ground floor living accommodation. One final problem was the lack of baskets for the new storage units fitted along the front wall of the shop. The Tournants hope that these will soon be delivered.

André Tournant told the Linton News, ‘We would like to thank all those who came in to celebrate with us bringing flowers, cards and good wishes. We had been worried that people would not return but the evident good will brought a tear to the eye. The villagers made us feel as valued as they, our customers are, by us’.
And there will be no more lengthy trips for medicines to Saffron Walden or Cambridge-the Village Pharmacy opened its doors again on 22nd July. After a long and frustrating period since the October flood, the shop has been repaired and refitted and is now bigger and better than ever.
On reopening day, customers were greeted with wine and nibbles and shown around the shop, which now includes a private consultation area as well as supplying all the original lines.
Pharmacist Deepa Bhachoo hopes to expand the herbal range and will always order anything not in stock. She and Rajee are looking forward to seeing all their former customers and said: ‘We are sorry it took so long to reopen. This was unexpected and unavoidable and we thank our customers for their understanding and patience.’

The Parish Council Offices

will be closed for the annual summer holiday 12th-24th August (inclusive)


Parish Council’s July meeting
A MEMBER of the public complained about the long grass at the Horseheath Road junction on the A1307. This had been reported to the Highways Department and should be cut shortly.
The plaques on the Jubilee stone have gone missing. These are to be replaced with a larger single plaque displaying the names of all the sponsors.
It was reported that footpaths are becoming overgrown with vegetation from adjoining properties, particularly by Rhugarve Gardens and the Fire Station.
The small swing on the recreation ground has been unusable for some time. The contractor is having difficulty obtaining the spares for all of the faulty equipment.
The Council requires more details before a decision is made about a River and Conservation Coordinator.
A large hole caused by erosion has appeared at the bottom of Coles Lane. The improvements to Horn Lane are nearing completion and the block paving at the pavilion has begun.


THE Infants’ Summer Fair proved a popular afternoon out. Crowds were drawn to the Fair’s opening event - a boat race on the river. All children from the school had previously constructed their boats in class - and some very inventive ones there were too! People were entertained throughout the afternoon by a puppet show, an assault course, tug-of-war, face painting and wellie throwing and Ipswich Town Football Club ran a very popular 'beat-the-goalie’ competition. The school raised £1,400, which will go towards buying some computerised whiteboards. Many thanks to all of our sponsors, including McKenzie & Haywards, The Crown Inn, Linton Tandoori, Culpepers, The Libra Scale Company, Linton Zoo and Chilford Hall.
Sally Green


SATURDAY 13th July saw a considerable amount of debris defacing the village. From Horseheath Road the trail led to the Meadow, around the benches and children’s play area in particular. The matter was bought to the attention of the Linton News by two mothers not willing to be named. Empty beer bottles, broken glass, condoms and pools of vomit had to be dodged, not easy when you are trying to control a pram along the High Street.
At the recreation ground on the Meadow, one 5-year-old was stopped just in time from drinking from a discarded bottle of wine that had been left on the toddler slide apparatus, whilst another mother was rudely spoken to by some youths whom she believed were openly smoking dope on the junior swings. Broken glass lay everywhere in this area. 'That’s because of the Drop-In,’ we hear on the grapevine.
We thought it only fair to inform the staff at the Drop-In Centre so that they could look into the events of this particular Friday night. Liz Govier, Drop-In Centre manager, gave us this statement.
‘I was very concerned to read [these complaints] but also glad that [they] had been drawn to our attention. So often the Drop-In is blamed for any disturbance or damage around Linton and in particular the recreation ground area, but rarely are we informed directly - as in this case, leaving us unable to respond.
Part of our work as Youth Workers is to challenge anti-social behaviour, something that we do all the time, and we totally sympathise with the two mothers’ complaints. We are looking into this matter and should we become aware that the people responsible are Drop-In members, we will explain the distress caused by their behaviour.
‘I feel at this point that I should take the opportunity to make certain people aware that there are no drugs or alcohol permitted on the premises of the Drop-In and that we neither encourage nor supply either of these. What we do is engage with the young people concerned and work with them. I also feel that these incidents should be put into perspective - we are probably talking about a few people being responsible for this and other incidents. Is it really fair to blame the Drop-In as a whole, which has over 80 young people on the register?
‘We feel too that people should remember that not everyone who uses the recreation ground or any part of Linton also uses the Drop-In. I myself on occasions have travelled home through the village on a Friday and Saturday night and witnessed people of all ages displaying anti-social behaviour and vomiting on paths!
‘If you have any concerns or issues that you feel the Youth Worker team should be aware of please feel free to contact us on
% 891345. You do not have to leave your name but if you do it would be confidential and helpful for us to be able to contact you and inform you of any action taken.’
A member of the Linton News team spoke to Community Beat Officer PC Andy Denzey, who made the following comments.
‘Dropping litter and bottles in a public place (not your garden) is an offence. If you observe it happening and can provide details to the police it will be followed up, but only if you are prepared to make and sign a proper statement. The police can do nothing about a litter scene after the event other than arrange to have it cleared up.’
Complaints concerning litter scenes and glass should be directed to the Parish Clerk, Gill Baker
% 891001 or in writing to her at the Social Centre, Coles Lane. The Parish Council currently employs two part-time workers, one mainly for the High Street (15 hours per week, Monday-Friday) and one mainly for the Recreation Ground (6 hours per week, various days). If you are interested in covering either of these positions for holiday or sickness please contact Gill at the Parish Council office. LNT


AT a recent coffee morning at the home of Joan Pollock, £438 was raised in aid of Alzheimer’s Research Trust. These funds will go towards a planned major research project, funded entirely by ART, at the MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit in Cambridge. The innovative project will study exactly how memory is lost in those with Alzheimer’s and other dementias, and why memory loss is different between individuals.
I am grateful to all who gave their support.
Joan D Pollock


A LARGE number of members and several visitors were welcomed to the meeting by Anne Parry-Smith (deputising for the President, Wendy Foster). Posies made by Marjorie Blackman were distributed. Members agreed to fund a tree and plaque in the Jubilee plantation on the recreation ground. Several members reported on recent WI Federation visits they participated in. The next Group meeting will be on 17th October at West Wratting.
Sandra and Nick Oliver were then introduced with their Newfoundland dogs, Pilot and Charlie. These large black dogs with very thick coats, weighed respectively 16 and 14 stone! Their owners explained that this breed of dog originated in the 9
th or 10th century in Newfoundland, that they have a very gentle nature and usually like swimming. They then talked about the work Pilot and Charlie do as PAT (Pets as Therapy) dogs. Sandra explained that people in hospital greatly miss their pets and that visits from PAT dogs cheer them up and help their recovery. The volunteers visit many hospitals, children’s wards and residential homes. During the talk, Pilot and Charlie sat quietly or slept and afterwards members were able to speak to them and to their owners!
The next meeting takes place at 7.30pm on Tuesday 6
th August in the Social Centre. Jean Curl will speak on 'Henry VIII-victim or villain?’. There will be a trading stall for plants and produce. All are welcome.
Anne Parry-Smith


Dear Editor
The grass in the churchyard is being spoiled by fouling by dogs. The churchyard is much used by parents taking their children to and from the Infants’ School, by people attending church services, weddings and funerals, and by residents and visitors walking around our pretty village or enjoying a time of quiet as well as by dog walkers. It seems particularly insensitive when dogs are allowed to foul in the Garden of Remembrance, which is currently used for the interment of ashes.
It is such a shame that a few thoughtless dog owners are spoiling an otherwise attractive area of the village for everyone else, including those of us who try to keep the churchyard in good order. There is even a 'dog waste’ bin provided in the churchyard, so there is no excuse for those irresponsible dog owners not clearing up after their pets.
Margaret Cox
The Monday Gang


Dear Editor
May I through the News and on behalf of the Chalklands Residents Association say a big 'thank you’ to our retiring Chairman, Mr John Franklin.
He has done excellent work on our behalf sorting out the problems with the 100 Houses development, the flooding on our estate and numerous other matters. Well done, John, and many thanks from us all.
June Hall


Dear Editor
Avril lost her long battle against cancer and passed away at Arthur Rank House on 17th June.
We would like to thank all our friends and neighbours in Linton for their kindness and support. Special thanks are due to the wonderful staff at the Evelyn Hospital and Arthur Rank House and also to Dr Petter and Mr Paintin.
Roy, Astrid and Ashley Whiskin


Dear Editor
Through the pages of our lovely local paper, I would like to thank all who contributed to the very successful coffee morning held in my garden on 22
nd June.
Members of the Chalklands Residents Association got together and with a tombola, bring and buy stall, raffle, children’s lucky dip and guess the names of two beautiful teddies, as well as coffee, tea or squash, and home-made biscuits, raised the splendid sum of £123.58.
Many residents gave very generously and the stalls were well laden. I would particularly like to thank Linda for the tombola, Maureen and Kate on the stalls and Jean who ran the raffle, and also my daughter Louisa and her daughter Tamzyn, who looked after the bears and the children’s interests.
The money raised is for the future visual enhancement of Chalklands, including more flowers, following our spring bulb planting last year, and towards future improvements to steps near the bungalows and a special road sign.
Cherry M Fisher


Dear Editor
If you have early memories of standing shivering in cold water in an indoor swimming pool, breathing in moist air reeking of chlorine, then read on. If you have also enjoyed swimming in the open air, say in a dead calm mill pool you too should read on.
If you think swimming pools are unfriendly places where you are immersed in water which is not as clean as you might want it to be; or should you be over 40 and have already had some nasty twinges of pain in your legs and no longer enjoy climbing Rivey Hill, then you will soon learn that the only exercise you can take amongst your friends without making this worse, is swimming.
If you are a mum with a very small babe in arms and you want the child to learn to enjoy swimming and to be safe in water, now is the time to start.
All this could be yours at low cost right here in Linton. In fact had it not been for one or two stupid misconceptions we could have been swimming here today! It is now up to you who love swimming or need the exercise. The Linton Pool Project now has charitable status so the door is open for all of us to make sure we get the necessary funding. The money will not come rolling in of its own accord. We need plenty of people who want to swim to give just a little more time, say the equivalent of one day (24 hours) in the year to start the big push.
This is positively our last chance. If we do not get going this autumn, the work and hopes of the last 30 years will be wasted. The opportunity for many skilled persons in this village willing to earn good money for a good cause will be lost.
Potentially this is the biggest thing to have happened in the history of this village. It is primarily a village enterprise, needing relatively little input from outside. Because of this we have already had very favourable quotes for the latest types of equipment.
If you are intrigued by this fascinating possibility, pick up your phone, ring
% 891413 and come along to a meeting on Thursday 5th September at Linton Sports Centre with any friends who feel like you do. There is so much more to tell you and show you. Do it now, please. If you leave it until you come back from your holidays it will be too late to act!
Ron Amsden


Dear Editor
I would like to take advantage of our super Linton News, to say a big thank you to my sons Terry and Colin, their wives Linda and Sue and any other members of my family for arranging such a wonderful surprise party for my 70
th birthday recently.
Surprise it certainly was.
I was told I was going out at 8pm so be ready. I had no idea where I was going.
When I entered the darkened Social Centre and the lights went up to reveal a decorated room and upwards of 100 relatives and friends, greeting me with singing Happy Birthday it took my breath away. I was overwhelmed.
The buffet table was laden with every savoury delicacy you could imagine, all my favourite foods and a lovely selection of puddings - here I would like to thank the chef, caterers and helpers for their part in the festivities.
To all who came along to the party, thank you all for coming, and to all the many, many friends who sent me presents, bouquets, flowers, plants, etc., please accept my heartfelt thanks.
I must not forget to thank Brian for his music during the evening and also 'The Man at the Bar’.
I shall never forget my 70
th birthday. I wonder if it was a dream. Thank you and God bless you all.
Mary Wright

Good causes, good supporters

Dear Editor
I write to thank all those in Linton who donated to the Christian Aid Week in May. A total of £2,065 was raised, which was very good, especially considering the problems many people are still suffering from as a result of the flood.
Linton’s donations will help many very poor families in Third World countries to improve their lives.
Margaret Cox

Dear Editor
I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who sponsored and supported me in my recent Three Peaks Challenge, which I successfully completed on 22nd June.
With the help of many friends and the Linton community I raised over £500 for the Neuro-fibromatosis Association as a result of the challenge, which involved scaling the three highest peaks in Britain in 24 hours.
Keith Savill

Dear Editor
I am writing to express my thanks to all the ladies and gentlemen who attended my Keep Fit classes at Linton Village College for the support they have given to me and the donations they have made to various charitable causes over many years.
I am pleased to say the final fund raising effort enabled me to send a further £12.50 each to some of the local charities we have supported with a letter saying that we regret, with my retirement, we have stopped fund raising.
I have received replies from them thanking us for our support over the years.
A total of £3,312.10 was raised.

Rachel Burton

A family affair - everything you need to know          Top

Project helpers Sue Morgan-Jones and Clare West
THE Family Resource Centre is a new venture organised by Cornerstone Community Church. During two 90 minute sessions on Wednesdays (during term time) families will be able to find details on local voluntary and charitable organisations, tourist attractions and health and social problems. We are aiming to hold all sorts of information that revolves around family life, from antenatal courses to support groups of varying nature. If we have neglected to contact you and you would like to display some information please contact Tracey Russell (details below).
Tots in Tow
This session will run from 10-11.30am, cost £1 per family, and includes play time, activities, song time, and a special visit from Humpty Dumpty bearing chocolate buttons. This is primarily a mother and baby group but extends to cover all members of the family including nannies and carers. So whether you’re pregnant, eagerly awaiting your new arrival, or a grandparent with visiting children, pop down to the Social Centre and make some new friends over a cuppa. Yes, dads, you can join in too!
The Rock Café

The Rock (Resources Over Coffee & Kids) Café will be open at the Village hall, from 1.30 to 3pm. This is more of a drop-in style meeting place where drinks are sold by the cup rather than a session fee. Pre-school children are welcome but you do not have to have your kids with you to attend this session. Activities will be available for youngsters with the odd competition thrown in here and there. This is an ideal setting for people who have completed various support groups or counselling programmes to continue to meet up. Antenatal groups are a classic example. It’s easy to continue meeting at each others’ houses when babies are small and immobile but it’s a different story once they start moving around. Is it any wonder that we all shy away from inviting eight toddlers round for afternoon tea? We have timed this session to enable parents of children who are now at school to make new friends, collect the latest info and feel part of a group. We feel this is especially important for people who are new to the village.
Please feel free to drop in for information at either of these sessions. If we don’t have the information you’re after we will do our best to get it for you. Our policy is not to advise or tell you what to do but to point you in the right direction of the professionals and groups that are already in operation. If you would like to start up a new group within the Village we may be able to help with that too.
Citizens Advice
Citizens Advice will be on hand at the Rock Café for informal chats. However, if more privacy or depth is required appointments can be made here for the Haverhill CAB office or a home visit.
We have run five successful Parentalk courses in Linton to date with another one booked to start on 25th September. This particular course is only for people who live at Chalklands, as their Residents Association have very kindly let us use their Communal Rooms. The course lasts eight weeks, is video-based, very easy to understand and benefits every parent. If you would like further information or to speak to someone who has completed the course, please contact Sarah on %891952. Parentalk also produce a series of books that will be on sale at the Resource Centre. Being a parent is one of the few things in life that you don’t need a qualification for yet it’s an incredible challenge, which sometimes requires every ounce of your energy. Parentalk guides are packed full of practical, down to earth information and advice on how to make the most of all the important stages of your child’s growing up. Some of the titles include The First Six Weeks, Teenage Years, and Being a Grandparent.
The Linton News
The Linton News has provided a computer to view the Village Directory and Diary off-line during our opening times. Forms will be available for you to add your event, your group’s meeting details and make amendments to data already supplied i.e. when your organisation’s committee is due for re-election, etc. Help will also be on hand for advice on writing articles and a reminder of the editorial and advertising deadlines displayed prominently.
Healthy Eating
We have been working with the Health Centre dietician to bring you the latest literature on healthy eating and dieting. We have purchased our own set of scales and privacy packs for you to record your own weight and measurements. This service is available free of charge in the lobby of the Social Centre. Please note that this is no substitute for people who have serious weight to lose or medical conditions that could be affected by dieting. If in doubt seek the advice of your GP.
Linton Tourist Information
There’s not much point in having a resource centre without any resources, so this is where you come in. If you go somewhere interesting or unusual for a day out this summer, discover some secret place to keep the kids or older family members amused, find somewhere that is excellent value for money - don’t forget to tell us about it. If you can get a flyer or brochure - great, a whole pile to share around even better. Please also save all your old baby, parenting and health magazines and books as we are planning to make folders and scrapbooks on specific age groups and problems, and run a lending service with books that may not be available at the Village Library or Health Centre. Anything that you may think is relevant please put in the Social Centre letterbox addressed to the Family Resource Centre. If anyone has any redundant display or exhibition equipment (ex sales reps maybe) we are sure to be able to put it to good use.
To mark the launch of the Centre, we have combined the Tots in Tow with the Rock Café for maximum fun. So make a date in your diary or on your calendar for the Family Resource Centre Launch Party, 2-4pm, Wednesday 4th September. Sweets, snacks, drinks, fun and entertainment. It’s all free so make sure you don’t miss it!
If you would like more information about the Family Resource Centre please don’t hesitate to contact Tracey Russell on
%894656 or email Tracey Russell

WHAT DO YOU DO ALL DAY?          Top

District Councillor Joan Smith answers the question
IT’S time for a brief update on my activities.
Housing: Council tenants have been getting visits and answering a questionnaire. South Cambs are conducting a survey of the condition of our housing stock to help us plan our future maintenance programme. The questionnaire is for central government and its return is optional, though that wasn’t made clear in the accompanying letter.There will be another survey form coming to all residents soon which will be a survey of housing needs. It is really important for everyone to fill in and return these questionnaires to enable us to plan for the future and to argue our case with central government for policy changes for housing single people and key workers in this very high cost area.

These initiatives are partly the result of government directives but also stem from the work of the Planned Maintenance Best Value Review which has been taking place over the last year at South Cambs. I have been serving on that Review in order to make the views of the many council tenants in our villages heard.
Access to services: I have chosen to go on this Best Value Review because I want to ensure that villages like ours, which will now be the furthest away from the new Council HQ at Cambourne, have their problems addressed.
I will have served on five such reviews, probably more than any other councillor.
Waste management: I have agreed to serve on this new Advisory Group because of the interest always shown in environmental issues in Linton. I hope to contribute residents ideas to this policy-making forum.
I lost the battle for a green waste collection at South Cambs, but wiser counsels have now prevailed at county level and such a service is now in the new county-wide strategy. But when...?
Scrutiny: Under the constitutional changes there is now just one Scrutiny Committee. I am serving on that and will pursue vigorously our interests in cost effective and efficient management.
A swimming pool for Linton: I have always supported this. I have detected no lessening of support for the idea as the years have passed, in fact the opposite. It was very frustrating to lose the promised help from South Cambs just because the Sports Council and the Lottery decided to withdraw support for pools. I think they were wrong and that pools will come back on the agenda as part of the healthy living promotions by government. In the meantime it is so sad to see all the work done by some dedicated residents going to waste because of lack of practical support.
So many people tell me they want a pool and confidently seem to think it will happen. Please: some of you come forward to carry the torch for this project. Your village needs you!


AZTECS Junior Football Club is one of the largest junior clubs in Cambridgeshire. We run 14 teams from under-8 mini soccer to under-17 Colts.
The annual Fun Day, which will be held on Sunday 1
st September at Linton Village College, is our major fund raising event.
The focus of the day is a football competition which will be for ages under 8 to under 13. It will run from approx. 9.00am until 5.00pm . Teams from all the surrounding clubs have been invited to the competition (which is usually oversubscribed). Our older groups have arranged friendly matches on the day.
There will be over 200 players from our own club and probably twice that number from other clubs.
Alongside the competition we run a number of side shows and attractions including a coconut shy, pony rides, tombola, barbecue and refreshments. There will also be a car boot sale. For further information contact Max Penfold on
% 892601 (home), % 01799 542840 (day) or Dawn Creek . For car boot spaces contact Peter Belsom
Max Penfold


ON 6th July, Linton Granta Playgroup in partnership with Chestnut Playgroup held their annual Midsummer Madness Supper Dance at Linton Infants’ School. The fun commenced at 7.30pm, with a casino, disco and supper a little later. The entertainment was, as usual, provided by the guests! The unrideable bike presented some with a challenge they could not pass by, until the effects of the wine finally overcame their determination to master the infuriating contraption. The Bucking Bronco prompted the most adventurous to have a go, inspired by the flight in a Tiger Moth awarded to the person who remained on longest.
We had a great time and both playgroups wish to thank all those who came to the dance and showed their support. The playgroups rely on good attendance at fund raising events because the fees only partly cover the costs of playgroup sessions. Thanks to all who helped and to the School for allowing us to use their hall.
Linda Richardson


ON Saturday 31st August there will be a Jumble Sale at Linton Social Centre, Coles Lane from 2pm, in aid of Flaxfields Community Centre. Stalls will include jumble, bric-a-brac, books, toys, cakes, etc., and there will also be a raffle and tombola. Please remember the date. M Wright

HADSTOCK CODE          Top

HADSTOCK Parish Council has adopted the Model Code of Conduct. Members of the public may view the Register by appointment with the Clerk, Sue Crawley % 891263, or at Parish Council meetings held in the Committee Room, Hadstock Village Hall. Notices of meetings are displayed on the village noticeboard.
Sue Crawley


Camera Club member Dean Orfield, an American living locally, at the American Cemetery
CAMERA Club members got a close up of the Mullard Radio Astronomy Observatory at Lords Bridge, near Barton, during its awayday meeting on 14th July.
Six members started the day at the American Cemetery, photographing the graves and monuments, the flag and flowers, in the early sun and soft shadows. Then we went on to the radio astronomy centre, a private visit arranged by member Mike Crofts who works for the University Astrophysics Group, which operates the centre. He not only showed members around, stopping for a wide range of photography from enormous dish aerials to tiny rare flowers, but he also described the history and the work of the centre.
The meeting welcomed new member Ron Pitkin and planned the next two meetings. On 11
th August the club will be going to Anglesey Abbey for an afternoon of photography and later a meal or drinks, with wives and partners invited for the whole event. For the 8th September meeting, members hope to go motor racing for action shots and close-ups of preparations and people. On 13th October, the club will be back to its 11am meeting at the Social Centre in Coles Lane - to see the results of the awaydays and contemplate whether we have been taking or making photographs.
New members are welcome to any of the meetings, including the Anglesey Abbey and motor racing awaydays. Please phone
% 894948 for club details. John Keeble


LITTLE Acorns, the new mother and toddler group in Linton Social Centre, opened its doors for the first time on Thursday 11
th July. More than 20 children enjoyed playing with the toys whilst their mums compared child-rearing notes and had a cup of coffee. The hall had been organised into three different play areas to accommodate the different ages of children, a colourful matted area for the under 1s, an area with ride-on cars/tractors, and a beach scene for the toddlers. ‘I particularly liked the beach area with a beach brolly, a deck chair and sand,’ said one parent, ‘and the fact that there is lots of space to play.’
Little Acorns is open 10-11.30am every Thursday morning at Linton Social Centre all year round. It is principally for parents with children under 18 months although older siblings are welcome. For further details please contact Jane Laverock or Suzanne Sexton
Josephine Paterson

K-Club approaches Fifth Year          Top

LINTON’S own lottery will soon be entering its fifth year and now is the time to think about joining if you are not already a member. The K-Club was launched in 1998 to raise funds for Linton Action for Youth (LA4Y). It began with 329 members and by last year numbers had reached 353. It has raised £7,600 so far and this year we plan to expand the club still further.
It costs £12 for a year’s membership, which runs from 1st October to 30
th September, with over a half of the total ‘take’ going towards prize money. Indeed, this year’s star prizes will amount to no less than £1,300, to be drawn in September - look out for local publicity announcing where this will be held. You will find a K-Club application form with this issue of the Linton News, but they can also be obtained from either of the village newsagents or the Post Office. Failing that, ring me on the number below or email me, and I’ll ensure you get as many as you need.
Please help us to build on the success of this fund-raising initiative. The cause, if you didn’t already know, is the maintenance of local facilities for youth activities. Few would argue that they are not needed, and the K-Club will help pay for running costs and the professional help required to maximise their effectiveness.
So don’t delay, fill in your application form now and send it to me at 7 The Grove, Linton. Alternatively, you can phone me on
%890220 or by email at
The winners of the July K-Club monthly
draw were: 1st (£50) Mrs G Foote (No. 053); 2nd (£25) Mrs J Prentice (No. 217); 3rd (£10) Mrs C Ketteridge (No. 174).
Peter Dixon

LINTON COUNTRY DIARY by Darryl Nantais          Top

Illustrated by Maureen Williams
Modern day Linton is a place of abundance. No sleepy village by-pass syndrome here! Special geological features give rise to some valuable qualities. Its nature cupboard is stocked and crammed with almost everything, even early sundown. You see, we nestle snugly in our cosy valley missing those long cast evening shadows. Philosophically speaking though there’s a plus for every minus so perhaps you’ve noticed our birds go to bed early but the bats rise in less than twilight. OK, it’s not much of a recompense, but there may be a correlation between this local aspect and the extraordinarily old ages carved into gravestones in the churchyard.
Maureen Williams and I have never knowingly committed any major crimes but we unexpectedly found ourselves, in typical English tradition, sent to the tower. Guilty of nothing more than self-imposed country diary dedication we squeezed up the narrow well-worn stone spiral staircase, with camera bags scraping the ancient walls until we reached the bell ringers’ room of St Mary’s. With eyes wide and lenses aimed through the slim portals at half past the hour I felt a tremendous and exciting sense of history, intertwined with feelings of vertigo. From up here the visual benefits of those early sunsets are revealed as the sunlight skims the hilltops. The evening rays gild roofs and tips of trees in brilliant reds and golds in contrast to the ground in umber shade. With encouragement from our kind and patient hosts, Mr and Mrs Ellis, I climbed the old wooden steps to the belfry until white knuckles and freezing fear triggered a deep desire for terra firma. Before my descent I gazed in wonder at the giant musical instrument that rings so comfortingly out across our parish! Just don’t look down, they say, but you see it’s not so much the height or even falling helplessly through the air that bothers me so much as hitting the ground at high speed
Back on earth I received a lovely email from sharp-eyed Janet Annett telling of a goat’s-beard growing by Kingfisher Walk. One variety of goat’s-beard is also known as 'Jack go to bed at noon’ for the blooms close early in the day. When I arrived the spherical seed head that is a marvel of natural architecture swayed like an upside-down pendulum in the breeze. I returned next day to show a companion, but too late. The church clock struck and the wind blew the seeds to oblivion. Oh well, we can’t have everything, because as Brian the jeweller once asked, ‘Where would we put it all?’

broadband: register now          Top

The Linton Broadband Consultation group had its first successful meeting on the 11th July. Ten interested villagers attended along with representatives of other Cambridge villages who have started their own internet broadband projects.
The group discussed the possibility of setting up a not-for-profit company/organisation to help negotiate with all three tiers of local governments and service providers and advertise what we are doing to surrounding villages including Hildersham, Balsham, Bartlow and Hadstock for maximum coverage.
We are looking at covering all possible scenarios for providing the provision of broadband to Linton. It was put forward that a three-pronged approach (negotiate with BT, Better Broadband for Britain and investigate our own solution) be adopted so that all avenues are covered.
To maximize our coverage and options for bringing broad-band in to Linton, it is crucial everyone registers their interest with as many providers as possible (BT and Better Broadband for Britain at the moment).
Adrian Winckles contact; 


A NEW WEA class is to start next month.
The 10-week course, 'Painters of the early 20
th century’, starts on Tuesday 17th September. The tutor is Deborah Monteiro. The course is in part a follow-on from Deborah’s course last Autumn on 'Painters of Modern Life.’
The class will take place at the Social Centre, Coles Lane, Linton and sessions will run from 10am-12noon. Enquiries to Frances Angus