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Criteria for Inclusion of Businesses

The Linton Info Directory is intended primarily to promote services that are available in the Linton area.

In terms of businesses, we want to publicise all the goods and services that can be sourced in the village rather than travelling to the bigger towns that surround us. By supporting local businesses, you can contribute to the local economy and reduce your carbon footprint into the bargain.

As the site has become more popular, we have received more requests from businesses outside the village to be included in the Directory. We have agreed on the following ground rules to deal with these requests:

1) We will only include businesses in the Directory that are either located in the catchment area of the Linton News (Linton, Hildersham, Hadstock and Bartlow) or which have a strong connection to the area (for instance the proprietors live in the catchment area).

2) The only exception to the above rule is that businesses outside the catchment area may be included if there is no equivalent business inside the catchment area.

3) The final decision on whether to include businesses will rest with the Editor of the Linton News.

Please note that we will continue to list voluntary organisations, clubs and societies from outside the catchment area - the above rules apply to businesses and commercial entities only.